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Derptopia is the name of a new nation, that we need you to join.  For all those that are derp, and happee.  Here's some information on your future overlords:

Official Name: The Emporocracy of Derptopia

Capital: Smurf Village

Demonym: Derptopian

Anthem: Brb That Pepper Was Too Hot

Motto: Who neds polotics wen you haz lav?

Official Languages: Cronan

Recognized National Languages: Languages are too mainstream

National Religion:  Bicatolitry

Government: Emporocracy

Empors: Moog, Theybdee, Utnerk, Ingalob, Chowedl

Legislature:  Flock 'o Empors

Independence: -From 'Mercia        Not yet.  Soon.

Population:  About 5

Currency:  Hugs, because money is too mainstream.

Drives on the:  Middle of the road

Internet TLD:  .poop


Once upon a time, a few young derps met each other.  They were like, "Hey."  And then, three years later, they were like, "MEE EMPOR YE."  So they made a Tumblr and began their plans for the rise of a new country.


Derptopia is an Emporocracy, meaning that it is led by the Flock 'o Empors.  The Empors each have a different job, taking care of different aspects of Deptopian life.

Empors have a political sad whenever politics are involved because it's not very fun to watch old men argue.  So Empors are determined to make politics fun, by manner of turning the Empor debates into a MMA match.


Derptopian economy is largely based upon potato farming.


The military pretty much consists of Empor Theybdee and her battle axe. :D


Rise-of-Derptopia's Profile Picture
Moog, Theybdee, Ingalob, Utnerk, n' Chowedl
United States
We were born and raised for the sole perpose of creating a bootifuel countree of happee. :'D

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